Course overview

Total Body Freedom Fundamentals

Discover your body's ability to calm your nervous system to alleviate pain, stress, anxiety and insomnia. Join people worldwide dealing with stress and chronic pain improve their focus and participation in life. Feel your body free up so it doesn't hold you back from living life and your peak performance. This course teaches attendees how to calm down the fight or flight nervous system through a unique method of repositioning the body and changing breathing mechanics. Dr. Amy Novotny guides attendees through a process to help them sense relaxation and freedom in the body. The activities are then practiced at home to integrate into daily life.
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Here is what we will cover in
this course

Adjust your posture

Develop awareness of how your posture and rib cage position contribute to your stress or ability to relax.

Breathe to calm

Implement a unique breathing method into daily life to calm your body throughout the day.

 Free up your body

Generate safety and stability in your body to free up your mobility by retraining your breathing and muscle activation.

Integrate new habits

Apply the breathing and body repositioning skills into daily activities (walking, reaching, lifting) at work, at home and out with friends.