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Our course creators are doctors, health educators, and others with an expertise in a health-related topic and a passion for sharing their knowledge with others.

We're all patients at some point. And we all have valuable information to share that can help someone else. You don't need to be a doctor or nurse to empower others with life altering information and uplifting information. At Patient World our goal is to provide top-notch health information, delivered in an engaging and memorable manner to change your life and your health.

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Course Creators

Ann M. Hester, M.D.

Board-certified internist, author and creator of patient world

Dr. Hester is the author of Patient Empowerment 101: More than a book, it's an adventure! She thrives on sharing invaluable health knowledge to empower others. She has written numerous online articles to educate patients on a wide variety of topics. She wrote Your Family Medical Record: An Interactive Guide to Getting the Best Care in 2000 and has been writing to empower people for decades.

Chef Dr. Mike

Michael Fenster, M.D. is one of few physicians worldwide who hold both culinary & medical degrees. 

Michael Fenster, MD, is one of few physicians worldwide who hold both culinary & medical degrees. He is the only Interventional Cardiologist & Professional Chef to do so and the only cardiologist with joint academic appointments in both the Medical and Culinary Arts. Chef Dr. Mike has spoken internationally on topics regarding food and health. He has been a featured speaker at The American Heart Association, The American Culinary Federation, among many others. He is a stakeholder in The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health. In 2022 he hosted his own PBS television program, House Calls with Chef Dr. Mike, and recently delivered a TED Talk on Culinary Medicine, The Ordinary Meal.

Priya Jaisinghani, M.D.

Obesity Expert & Board-Certified Endocrinologist 

Priya Jaisinghani, M.D. is a board-certified endocrinologist and obesity expert who completed her training at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell, NY. Dr. Jaisinghani received a distinction in service to the community through her work at The Boggs Center in medical school and was inducted into the AOA Honor Society in 2019 during her residency. Dr. Jaisinghani has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show and her expertise can be found in several articles on Medscape, Today.com, WSJ, Forbes, and more.  She has also published  several book chapters and articles.

Keyur Mavani, M.D.

Board-certified  in cardiology, medicine, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, cardiac CT and Vascular ultrasound

Dr. Mavani works as an invasive non-interventional cardiologist in a big hospital system. He did an internal medicine residency, followed by a cardiology fellowship in Pennsylvania. He has board certification in internal medicine, cardiology, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, cardiac CT and vascular ultrasound. His special interests are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, preventive cardiology, heart failure and cardio-oncology. He believes in quality, efficient, equitable health care at the lowest possible cost with high accessibility.  

Marsha Seidelman, M.D.

Board-certified in Lifestyle Medicine. Prior pulmonologist and internist

Dr. Seidelman has been named a Washingtonian Top Doc many times. With time, her focus in medicine has shifted to prevention, as she noted that the vast majority of illnesses she was treating could have been prevented through lifestyle modification. To disseminate reliable information about health, nutrition, exercise and   
overall wellness, she co-founded www.ladydocscornercafe.com.In 2020, Dr. Seidelman became certified in Lifestyle Medicine, an evidence-based field that aims to prevent, treat, and sometimes even reverse chronic diseases. Since 2022, Dr. Seidelman closed her medical office and spends time spreading the word about Lifestyle Medicine to physicians and to the public. 

Dr. Amy Novotny

Physical Therapist

Dr. Novotny co-authored two Amazon #1 Best-Selling books - Don’t Quit: Stories of Persistence, Courage and Faith and Success Habits of Super Achievers, which share her journey on how and why she developed the PABR® Method. She also co-authored Wall Street Journal Best Seller, From WTF to OMG, With a Little LOL: Unpacking Entrepreneurs' Hidden Lessons.

Elizabeth Oladele

Doctor of Pharmacy

Dr. Elizabeth Oladele is currently practicing as a clinical pharmacist with specialty in emergency medicine.  Dr. Oladele received her doctorate degree in Pharmacology from Howard University followed by another doctorate degree in Pharmacy from Duquesne University.  She practiced as a retail pharmacist for three years, a consultant pharmacist for two years, a staff pharmacist for two years, and has been in her current position for the past five years.  Dr. Oladele was also an adjunct professor at several universities and continues to purse avenues to teach and expand on clinical knowledge.

Marianne Cunanan-Bush, M.D.

       Board-Certified Internist

Dr. Cunanan-Bush is board certified in Internal Medicine. She has 15 years of hospitalist experience. Dr. Cunanan-Bush has extensive teaching and leadership experience. She worked as an academic hospitalist for Sinai-Hopkin's internal medicine program at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, MD for 8 years. After which, she worked as the medical director for the Inpatient Team at University of Maryland-Baltimore Washington Medical Center.  She has taken courses in lifestyle medicine and plans to obtain certification.

Laleh Talebian, PhD

Research Scientist, Athletic Judge & Fitness Coach, Certified Health Coach for Patient Care

Dr. Talebian is a research scientist and nutrition consultant. She founded her customized-health consulting  firm and has served hundreds of clients, including Olympic athletes, doctors, bodybuilders, other athletes, moms, dads, and couch potatoes. Under her guidance, patients have lost over 100 pounds, solved their chronic pain issues, and left death's doorstep for a thriving, healthy life. 
Dr. Talebian received her Ph.D in Molecular & Cellular Biology from Darthmouth Medical School. She is also a certified health coach through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Olivier Mankondo

Plant Based nutrition specialist

Olivier Mankondo is a keynote speaker in the UK, weight loss and wellness coach, and author of The Plant Based Nutrition: How It's Going to Change Your Life. Olivier has a passion to help people achieve optimal health.  

Jacki Gethner


Jacki Gethner, bodywork and massage therapist with over 30 years of experience, is a professional trainer and educator dedicated to sharing practical skills with a lively presentation that is enjoyed by all. Her workshops and trainings leave a lasting impression and have a ripple effect of serving the communities of all who attend.

David Jahr


David Jahr is a phenomenal ghostwriter with numerous New York Times best-selling books under his belt, including The Daniel Plan. He shares his insights on the Road to Recovery from substance abuse in a down-to-earth format.