Tranquilize Your Tensions: Upper Body Serenity Exercises

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  • Author
    Jacki Gethner
  • Level
  • Video time
    1 hour

What's included?

Jacki Gethner is a licensed massage therapist, author, international health advocate, and educator.


You'll learn simple exercises to improve common, benign headaches.

Neck Tension

We'll delve into simple steps to take to relieve tension in your neck with step-by-step instructions.


Many take their posture for granted, but how you carry your body can have significant consequences. Learn proper techniques to minimize muscle aches.

Sleep Posture

Did you know the way you sleep may reflect past traumas? Learn how to optimize your sleep position.

Upper Body Exercises

Don't neglect the importance of upper body workouts. You can do many while seated watching television.


We'll give a final recap of what you learned in this course.