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Course Creators

Our courses are led by doctors, authors, therapists, and other health and wellness experts.

Here is what your employees will learn:

How to prevent, treat, and reverse common diseases


How to maximize their medical care and minimize costs


How to ward off the nation's #1 killer.


Resources to help overcome addictions


How to eat to defeat common diseases


Head and upper body relaxation techniques


Coming Soon

How to lose weight and keep it off


Understanding hypertension medications


Stress management


Diabetes 101


High blood pressure essentials


...And More!


What our learners say

This is a wealth of information presented in easily digestable short "chapters", with a great mix of the current thought and the studies that have informed them, and practical advice about how to make some positive changes to our longterm physical health.   I also found the tone to be great, not too medical, nor preachy, but a calm, engaging chat with someone who clearly knows her stuff, and people!  

P. Lowe

Chockfull of practical information and reasons why one should adapt a healthy lifestyle especially as one ages. Six pillars are clearly presented with meaningful and healthful goals in mind, recommendations easy to follow (with special focus on the criticality of fiber). Thank you for addressing the human as a whole, from brain to bone, heart and soul, diet and exercise to stress and social interaction. I’m ready to set forth goals to enhance, and potentially extend, my life and well-being.


Patient World Creator

Introducing Dr. Ann Hester, the visionary healer and mastermind behind "Patient World" – a realm where the art of medicine meets the magic of empowerment. As a distinguished board-certified internist and the author of the groundbreaking "Patent Empowerment 101: More than a book, it's an adventure!" she has conjured a world beyond mere words. Step into her captivating realm. Ann Hester is your captain, leading you to a life-altering destination of health and wellness. Dare to embark on this adventure – it's time to empower yourself like never before.

Dr. Hester's expertise has been featured in numerous publications, such as:

  • TIME Magazine
  • Newsweek
  • Medium
  • And many others
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Dr. Hester's Latest Book

"Many books are called important because they touch on widespread cultural conversations. How long those books will remain important before the conversation moves on it’s impossible to say. This book, however, will likely remain vital for a long time unless there is a sudden change in the American healthcare system. Even if there is, it’s still a good idea to take your health seriously. Above all else, I think that is what this book can help accomplish."

-Jo Niederhoff, San Francisco Book Review

Bulk book sales available.

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Featured in National and Local Media

Dr. Hester is available to speak at events in the Washington, DC Metro Region and virtually.  Among her signature topics is the "one minute elevator speech" that will empower people to expedite their diagnoses, minimize tests/procedures, and save money on medical bills.

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