Lifestyle Medicine - Power to Improve Healthspan

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  • Author
    Marsha Seidelman, M.D.
  • Level
  • Study time
    Approximately 30 minutes
  • Video time
    46 minutes
  • Downloadable resources and quizzes

What's included?

Change your health trajectory! Evidence is emerging which shows that following the Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine can change revolutionize your health and your life.

The Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is an emerging field which focuses on preventing, and in some cases reversing diseases.

Setting SMART GOALS for a Long and Healthy Life

Set practical goals to help you get and stay healthier.


Unlike lifespan, your healthspan is the period of your life spent in good health. Learn how to prolong it.

Life-altering Tips for Life

Fundamental to this course is practical, actionable advice to help you change your health trajectory.

Downloadable Resources

You'll have access to multiple downloadable resources to further your understanding and help you continue to learn long after the course is over.

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Our students love us

This is a wealth of information presented in easily digestable short "chapters", with a great mix of the current thought and the studies that have informed them, and practical advice about how to make some positive changes to our longterm physical health.   I also found the tone to be great, not too medical, nor preachy, but a calm, engaging chat with someone who clearly knows her stuff, and people! 

P. Lowe
I found this course to be easy to listen to; it was broken down into manageable bits of information and I found the program motivating.
N. Beagle

Chockfull of practical information and reasons why one should adapt a healthy lifestyle especially as one ages. Six pillars are clearly presented with meaningful and healthful goals in mind, recommendations easy to follow (with special focus on the criticality of fiber).Thank you for addressing the human as a whole, from brain to bone, heart and soul, diet and exercise to stress and social interaction. I’m ready to set forth goals to enhance, and potentially extend, my life and well-being.

R. Meyrowitz